Member Dues

2251 Oakwood Rd, Franklin, Tn 37064

Initiation Fees and Dues

  • A onetime initiation fee of $100 is required at the time of joining
  • Annual Dues are $420. Dues may be paid monthly April through September @ $70 per month, or paid in full for the year in April.
  • ​​There are no restrictions on where members reside.

Guests and Parties

Guest fees are $3.00 per person

  • Members are allowed to bring up to 5 guests per day at $3.00 per guest. There are no restrictions on where guests reside.
  • Parties are allowed, but reservations must be made. Additional information is available in the “Forms” section of this website. Details are also available from the Social Chair, Party Coordinator or by emailing   (or complete application on "Forms" page)